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COVID-19 Antiviral Therapeutics Procurement by Eric Jia-Sobota

Earlier this month the Army Contracting Command published an amendment to solicitation W911QY-20-S-C001 related to Area of Interest 5, oral antiviral therapeutics. This is a procurement solicitation and specifically the USG is looking for direct-acting antivirals for COVID-19 high-risk patients. Successful offerors will be able to deliver 500,000 treatment courses of the anti-viral within eight weeks of EUA approval (no later than 1Q2022) or NDA approval (no later than 3Q2022). Offerors are invited to submit a solutions brief consisting of ten written pages or 15 slides that address specific tasks: a Quality Agreement with the USG, development of a detailed source material and manufacturing plan, manufacturing, storage, distribution, and program management. The brief must also include a commitment to provide drug for testing and evaluation by the USG in animal models and to develop educational materials to inform the public and ‘increase uptake’ by the public. The solicitation stresses the importance of CAGE and DUNS information which re required in the brief. A full proposal may be requested but the solicitation indicates there will not be any Phase 2 CSO in-person presentations. Taken together, this seems to indicate that awards may be made based on the solution brief. More information can be found at this link:

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