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DARPA Funding

DARPA Funding

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) offers funding opportunities aimed at fostering innovation in science and technology fields that are crucial for national security. These opportunities are typically available through Broad Agency Announcements (BAAs), which outline specific research interests and can result in contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, or other transactions.

DARPA strongly encourages proposers to submit an abstract in advance of the proposal. The abstract is a concise version of the proposal that outlines the goalsand impact of the proposed solution and a high-level technical plan. Each DARPABAA lists specific abstract and full proposal requirements. DARPA reviews and responds to abstracts by providing feedback and indicating whether, after preliminary review, there is interest for the proposed work.

DARPA encourages participation from a wide range of entities, including educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and businesses of all sizes, particularly those with groundbreaking, high-risk/high-reward ideas that could significantly advance the current state of technology.

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