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DPA Funding Opportunity by Eric Jia-Sobota

The DPA Title III program just received an additional $10B in the recovery legislation that was recently passed. The DPA program is administered by the US Air Force and more information can be found here beta.SAM.gov. The solicitation is open until JUL 2024 to offerors that meet the requirements of the Defense Production Act of 1950. This means that responses are limited to companies that do substantially all of the research and development, manufacturing, and production within the US and Canada. White papers proposing a) efforts to create, maintain or restore industrial base capabilities essential for national defense, b) efforts to transition USG-funded R&D to commercial applications and c) efforts to increase the use of emerging technologies to national security applications. Each project has a cost share goal of 50% USG and 50% recipient.

We hope that you find these opportunities as exciting as we do and that they are of interest to your clients. As always, EverGlade stands ready to support any of their needs that require outsourced solutions. We provide services both pre-award in white paper or proposal preparation and post-award in contract administration. Our goal is to provide services related to reporting and management that are not only compliant with federal requirements but also allow the client to focus on what they know best- technical management of their technology.

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EverGlade Consulting is a national consulting firm connecting public sector needs with private sector solutions. We offer services ranging from Pursuit, Proposal, and Post-Award support to comply with federal regulations at agencies including BARDA, ASPR, NIH, DTRA, JPEO, DOD, DOE, and DARPA.

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