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New BARDA RFIs Released by Eric Jia-Sobota

Recently we became aware of two new opportunities for federal funding through HHS and DoD. We believe these may present exciting new avenues for companies that work in these areas. First, BARDA just posted two new RFIs with a response deadline of April 23, 2021. Links to these are here: | Search – Expansion of Domestic Manufacturing Pharma Consumables and Raw Materials | Search – Domestic Pharma Vial Supply Chain Sustainment

Information is requested for the purpose of determining the availability of pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity from domestic sources for current and future pandemic responses.  Information is also being requested to establish near (6-9 months), mid (9-18 months) and long-term (18-36 months) supply chain sustainment goals to meet growing mid-long-term demands.  Lastly, information is requested for the development/expansion of new manufacturing technologies in these areas which may improve the state of the art for domestic supply chain sustainment.

These solicitations indicate that HHS intends to publish RFPs with similar requirements in the coming weeks. While they appear to be focused on vaccine supply, other areas may still be responsive. Due to the ongoing pandemic, short deadlines can be anticipated. Let us know if you would like to connect and discuss this further.

Second, the DPA Title III program just received an additional $10B in the recovery legislation that was recently passed. We believe this provides a much-needed second path in addition to the DFC program that was authorized in May 2020. Details regarding this new program will be forthcoming in our next blog.

 We hope that you find these opportunities as exciting as we do and that they are of interest to your organization. As always, EverGlade stands ready to support any of these needs. We provide services both pre-award in white paper or proposal preparation and post-award in contract administration. Our goal is to provide services related to reporting and management that are not only compliant with federal requirements but also allow the client to focus on what they know best- technical management of their technology.

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