DTRA BAA Weapons of Mass Destruction Amendment

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DTRA BAA Outlines New Opportunity to Identify and Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) through the Strategic Trends Research Initiative

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has amended its Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) to offer new funding opportunities through the Strategic Trends Research Initiative (STRI) for identifying and countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), defined as nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weapons. DTRA’s Strategic Integration Directorate (SI) leads in generating insights and outlining future threats, focusing on strategic dialogues and research studies through STRI, enabling a profound understanding of emerging threats and fostering relationships with allies and non-traditional partners to counter WMD-related security challenges.

DTRA Broad Agency Announcement Amendment

The amendment delineates two thrust areas:

  • Thrust Area 1 emphasizes WMD-relevant strategic dialogues under the “Chatham House Rule,” facilitating confidential discussions to gain strategic insights and strengthen partnerships.
  • Thrust Area 2 involves analytic research studies on WMD-relevant threats and their implications, aiming to propose actionable solutions in collaboration with allies and partners, focusing on regional and global stability and maintaining the U.S. military’s operational advantage.

EverGlade Founder, Eric Jia-Sobota, said, “This is a very important initiative and we are pleased to help the public sector find potential solutions.”

DTRA Research Topic Information Session Deadline

DTRA will conduct a virtual Research Topic Information Session on October 4, 2023, allowing participants to inquire about research priorities and other BAA-related topics. The deadline for white paper submission is October 16, 2023, for priority fiscal year 2024 funding consideration, and proposals slated for FY 2025 will not be considered.

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EverGlade Consulting is a national consulting firm connecting public sector needs with private sector solutions. We offer services ranging from Pursuit, Proposal, and Post-Award support to comply with federal regulations at agencies including BARDA, ASPR, NIH, DTRA, JPEO, DOD, DOE, and DARPA.

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