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New Opportunity with the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) by Eric Jia-Sobota

Putting the best foot forward in the white paper is very important and EverGlade can help you take that step successfully. Our staff has over 40 years of cumulative experience on both sides of the table- preparation of white papers and their review. We have the same experience with the preparation of full proposals and can help you prepare the Statement of Work, Technical Approach Summary, Integrated Master Schedule, Project Budget, and other documents that will be required. And in the post-award phase EverGldae can help with the administration of the contract. By outsourcing the daily contract administration activities like project and budget coordination your internal human and financial resources will remain available for other programs and allow you to focus on technical management. If you want to spend more time on that and less on contract administration, EverGlade can help.

About EverGlade Consulting

EverGlade Consulting is a national consulting firm that helps clients navigate the federal landscape. We are inspired by technology-driven companies whose focus is to secure non-dilutive funding through the federal government. We offer services ranging from proposal support through the implementation of systems to comply with federal regulations at agencies including BARDA, the DOD, HHS, NIAID, and DTRA.

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