A Guide to ARPA-H Funding

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The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) is an agency dedicated to driving transformative research for biomedical and health breakthroughs. Securing funding from ARPA-H can be a significant milestone for organizations working in this field. This guide aims to step you through the application process, financial requirements, and technical requirements for ARPA-H funding.

The ARPA-H Application Process

  1. Identify a Relevant ARPA-H Program: ARPA-H periodically releases Broad Agency Announcements (BAA) that outline the specific research areas they are interested in funding. These documents provide detailed information about the technical and financial requirements, as well as the evaluation criteria. It’s crucial to find a funding opportunity that aligns with your research interests and capabilities.
  2. Prepare a Proposal: This typically includes a technical proposal and a cost proposal. The technical proposal should provide a detailed description of the project, including the objectives, methodologies, timelines, and expected outcomes. The cost proposal should provide a detailed and realistic budget that aligns with the project plan. It should include all anticipated costs, such as personnel salaries, equipment, materials, and overhead.
  3. Proposal Evaluation: ARPA-H uses a merit-based review process, where proposals are evaluated based on their technical merit, potential impact, and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Negotiation and Award Acceptance: If your proposal is selected for funding, the final step is to negotiate and accept the award. This involves finalizing the budget and terms and conditions of the award. Once everything is agreed upon, you’ll receive a Notice of Award (NoA), which officially marks the start of your project.

Guide to ARPA-H Funding

Financial Requirements for ARPA-H

The financial requirements for ARPA-H funding are rigorous. The Cost Proposal, is a critical component that all proposers, including Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs), must submit. Applicants must demonstrate financial stability and the ability to manage federal funds. This includes:

  1. Budget: Applicants must submit a detailed budget proposal outlining how the funds will be used. This should include direct costs (e.g., personnel, equipment, supplies) and indirect costs (e.g., overhead, administrative costs).
  2. Supporting Cost and Pricing Data: Applicants must provide supporting cost and pricing data related to the budget. This includes a detailed breakdown of total program costs by major cost items and tasks, direct labor, sub-agreements, materials, overhead charges, and more.
  3. Additional Documents: Proposers should include any other required documents, such as OCI disclosures, OCI mitigation plans, small business subcontracting plans, intellectual property representations and assertions, etc.

Technical Requirements for ARPA-H Funding

The technical requirements for ARPA-H funding are designed to ensure that projects align with ARPA-H’s mission and objectives. These include:

  1. Summary of Proposal: This section should contain the technical rationale, approach, and plan for accomplishing technical goals. It should also highlight the innovative claims of the proposed research, describing the uniqueness and benefits of the proposed approach relative to the current state-of-art alternate approaches. The deliverables associated with the proposed research and the plans for technology transition and commercialization should be clearly outlined.
  2. Technical Plan: This section begins with a Statement of Work (SOW) that clearly defines the technical tasks/subtasks to be performed, their durations, and dependencies. The plan should also include a description of the results, products, transferable technology, and expected technology transfer path.
  3. Capability: ARPA-H needs to know that you have the technical and managerial capability to successfully carry out the project. This includes having a qualified team with the necessary skills and experience. It also involves having the appropriate facilities and equipment to execute the project.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: If your project involves human subjects, animals, or hazardous materials, you must demonstrate compliance with all relevant regulations. This includes obtaining necessary approvals and ensuring ethical considerations are met.
    Securing ARPA-H funding is a competitive process that requires careful preparation and planning. By understanding the application process, financial requirements, and technical requirements, you can increase your chances of success. Remember, the key is to demonstrate your project’s relevance to ARPA-H’s mission, its technical feasibility, and your capability to execute it.

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