Construction Solutions

With investments in infrastructure expected to increase substantially across the United States, many organizations are poised to reap the rewards over the coming years.

This additional spending will come in many forms from both the public and private sectors. Our unique set of technology driven solutions can help drive your organization to a more profitable future. Those solutions include:

Federal Contract Compliance

  • Construction Cost Accounting Support
  • Compliant Rate Structures
  • Contract Notice Reviews

Construction Project Cost Management

  • Performance Measurement Support
  • Project Value Analysis
  • Change Order Cost Segregation Support

Private Public Partnership Management

  • Partner Management Oversight
  • Partnership Compliance

Delay Claims and Litigation Support

  • Request for Equitable Adjustment Preparation
  • Claim Preparation
  • Claim Review and Analysis
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Support
  • Expert Witness Support and Testimony

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